The SOLARHOME Project  was established with the aim of creating a design of a stylish,  high-quality house that is fireproof, storm-proof, long-lasting, totally emission free, and so energy-efficient that it can be powered entirely by an off-grid solar-charged battery.  Greens Beach Solarhome is the prototype of this design, which was built in Tasmania (during 2016) to test its performance in a challenging climate.  This was an idea developed by entrepreneur/building designer David Macfarlane, who spent two years researching and developing the SOLARHOME design, then a further six months building the prototype at Greens Beach before living in the house for almost a year to test its comfort and performance.   It was completed in early 2017.   David's work experience and education are ideal for this type of project.  After school he first studied Engineering at Sydney Uni followed by Building at Sydney Tech, then spent twelve years designing and building houses in and around Sydney; after which he returned to uni to complete a BSc in Architecture at UNSW.  Between 1994 and 2007 David designed, built, and operated one of Australia's first purpose-built eco-lodges, on a national park island on the Great Barrier Reef.   More recently, in 2014 he completed a Masters in Sustainable Building Design at Oxford Brookes Uni in the UK.  David can be contacted by email at